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Centaur Sourcing offers all aspects of Sourcing, Logistics, Operation and Maintenance works

About Us

Your local provider with global background

The Centaur Sourcing team has been working together for over seven years. Throughout this time our team has managed to develop unrivaled synergy and operational cooperation, proving to be a valuable and attractive component in support of multi-national companies operating in Iraq. With an impressive track record executing logistics movements and operations in remote destinations nationwide, the team has accumulated critical experience while working in difficult and challenging security environments. Centaur Sourcing’s wealth of knowledge and compounded experience accumulated from operating under complex, crude and restricting conditions ensures our clients sound guidance and advice leading to mutual success to our partners when conducting business in Iraq.


CEO's message

At Centaur Sourcing we recognize the difficulties that multinational companies face upon conducting business and operating within Iraq. Our strategy is to fill that void in the market by attracting clients and minimizing competition. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by relying heavily on our Western business standards, practices and ethics in addition to our long-standing reputation for accountability, transparency and most of all reliability. This is a winning formula that is further enhanced by our local knowledge, cultural awareness and influence in Iraq. We are proud to present Centaur Sourcing as a strategic local partner for your Iraq sourcing and logistical needs.



Our Team

Ali Al-Hassona

Ali Al-Hassona, CEO

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Ali Jabor Muslim

Ali Jabor Muslim, Basra Operations Manager

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Hussain Hamood Hasan

Hussain Hamood Hasan, Senior Advisor

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Kareem Hummadi Ghadhban

Kareem Hummadi Ghadhban, Governmental Relations

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Nihad Mustafa Ismail

Nihad Mustafa Ismail, Kurdistan Operations Manager

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Ali Aboud Mohammed

Ali Aboud Mohammed, Delivery Manager

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Yasser Mohammed Akash

Yasser Mohammed Akash, Procurement Specialist

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Ali Kadhom Abdul

Ali Kadhom Abdul, Legal Advisor

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